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Read the diet act

Allergies and intolerances have a huge bearing on individuals who suffer from them, but also on groups when eating out so, if you want to grab customers from rivals, consider those with more specific needs

Hospitality at the heart of urban regeneration projects

Who is leading the way when it comes to hospitality-centric regeneration of the UK and its high streets and how are they doing it?

Pubco Beerhouses celebrates 25 years with events series

Northern pub group Beerhouses is celebrating a quarter of a century in business with a series of charity events.

‘We don’t follow food trends’ say gastropub chefs

Gastropub chefs are shouting loud and proud about the fact their businesses are booming despite not focusing on âfood trendsâ and instead favouring fresh and local.

Exit music – what do you need to know when it’s time to go?

Building up a hospitality business is one thing, but what do you do when itâs time to cash out?

Low and no: what to stock

The range of low and no-alcohol beverages is a category ripe for picking â itâs up to you to choose the best available.

Low and no: how to sell

Taking the lead in offering great drinks as shown throughout this supplement is a fantastic start â but now you and your team needs to market them correctly.

Non-alcoholic wine is on the up

As with every other category, wine is growing the number of low and no-alcohol variants out there. Here we take a look at how the category is doing and what products are on the market.

What’s new in alcohol-free cider

With the trend of consumers drinking low and no-alcohol products not going away any time soon, according to a survey from the Portman Group, operators shouldnât forget about booze-free cider options for their guests.

BrewDog champions non-alcoholic beer

With a growing interest in flavour, and a range of styles now available across the marketplace, low-alcohol beer options can no longer afford to be just an afterthought.

The latest trends in alcohol-free cocktails

Whether itâs a Mojito or a Sex on the Beach, customers love a cocktail. But the move towards drinking less alcohol, combined with people wanting a healthier lifestyle, has led to a revolution for the alcohol sector.

Alcohol-free spirits are on the rise – here’s why

As many newcomers venture to the alcohol-free spirit and ready-to-drink market, Diageoâs Seedlip is just one brand that is taking the world by storm.

What is a craft soft drink?

Getting crafty with softs has opened up a Â250m opportunity as publicans start to feel the love for alternatives.

Echo Falls makes pink gin venture

Wine brand Echo Falls has become the latest to tread the flavoured gin category path by announcing a Summer Berries Pink Gin variant.

Can you make a profit on water?

Water can be a hard sell as customers often reject branded bottled or filtered water â but hereâs how you can win.

Beyond orange squash – how to make cordials pay

As part of the wider category of squash, cordials offer a great tasting drinks and can also merit a higher sales price at your venue.

Alcohol-free ready to drink – a new trend?

Adult softs can be viewed as the alcohol-free equivalent to the ready-to-drink category. This segment features some interesting flavour combinations sure to tantalise the senses.

The new trend: Tonic without a spirit?

The gin boom during the past few years has led to consumers demanding premium tonic waters â and not just as mixers

The £4.4bn soft drinks market

How can operators tap into the multibillion-pound category when consumer expectation are so high?

My Pub: Pleased To Meet You, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne & Wear

In the beating heart of lively Newcastle-upon-Tyne is the Pleased To Meet You pub that is proud to offer everything from an award-winning spirits range to dining masterclasses. Jessica Branegan tells us more