24 July 2023

Inflated energy prices force permanent pub closure

The Black Phoenix pub in Southampton, Hampshire, thanked guests for âbreathing lifeâ into the place over the years as it announced a shock closure.
24 July 2023

Kent couple go multiple after lunch at picturesque village pub

A lunch date at Shepherd Neame site has led to a pub-running couple to take on their second venture with the brewer and pubco after being […]
24 July 2023

Cost of a pint in the UK 127% higher than world average

A pint of beer in the UK is 127% more expensive than the worldwide average cost, new research from Finder UK has revealed.
24 July 2023

Pint prices soar by almost 12%

Consumers and operators alike will âcontinue to feel the squeezeâ as the average price of a pint jumps almost 12% year-on-year.
21 July 2023

Drinks sales in decline as weather cools

After an 11-week stretch of year-on-year growth, drinks sales in the on-trade dropped below 2022 levels in the week to Saturday 15 July.
21 July 2023

‘Vegan’ label puts off diners – including vegans

Labelling food as âplant-basedâ and âveganâ is putting pub-goers, including vegans, off ordering greener options.
21 July 2023

POLL: Do you permit vaping in your pub?

Local councils have urged the Government to crackdown on the marketing of vapes, with the number of British adults using the products reaching record heights last […]
21 July 2023

Sharp’s spoof advert shows why real bar staff remain invaluable

Cornwall-based Sharpâs Brewery has launched a short mockumentary video about an âAI-powered barmanâ that illustrates the importance of a human touch to the pub experience.
21 July 2023

Extra sales revenue streams for on-trade ended by Gov

The Government has decided it will end automatic provision for pubs and bars to sell alcohol for off-site consumption and will halt the increased number of […]
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