1 January 2021

‘Our turnover being hit by every new restriction only forced us to be more inventive’

Between October and December 2019, we converted the old Nortons Hydraulics factory into a three-bar live music venue, with a traditional tiled bar, a snug room […]
31 December 2020

Either ‘pretty damn brave, or very foolhardy’ to launch a brewery during an international crisis

I teamed up with a group of friends who met on the craft beer scene having worked in the UK’s best breweries.  I gave my job […]
30 December 2020

All pubs except in Isles of Scilly to shut

According to real estate adviser Altus Group, there are just six pubs on the Isles of Scilly. Health secretary Matt Hancock addressed the House of Commons […]
30 December 2020

‘Seven years of blood, sweat and tears that we have put into our business started to disappear’

It started as a positive year for us here at the Cadeleigh Arms. We had just received news we had been nominated in to the Estrella […]
29 December 2020

‘This certainly wasn’t in the business plan we presented last Christmas’

We were excited, full of enthusiasm and had our opening night planned for Friday 13 March – we all joked that Friday 13th would be lucky […]
28 December 2020

Hugo Boss battle ‘a great source of empowerment and determination’

A particular triumph for us centred on our David versus Goliath clash with the corporate giant Hugo Boss. The story has its origins in Hugo Boss […]
27 December 2020

‘We waited 30 years for this and the celebration the team and fans deserved was far from possible’

With 2020 being engulfed by a global pandemic, it’s been a difficult year for everyone at one time or another.  Many have fallen ill or experienced […]
26 December 2020

‘I’ve been spending 24 hours a day here not paying myself very much money’

I’d been working in fancy, posh restaurants and I thought pubs were well beneath me – but I ended up working in one, being a partner, […]
24 December 2020

The MA’s most popular stories of 2020

But just before that, all of us at The Morning Advertiser ​would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our readers. […]
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