Financial support for Welsh pubs to outstrip English and Scottish counterparts several times over
4 December 2020
£2bn supermarket rate payback ‘should go to pubs’
4 December 2020

Joining Tom for an hour-long live Instagram broadcast will be the British Beer & Pub Association chief executive Emma McClarkin along with The Morning Advertiser’s​ editor Ed Bedington.

The broadcast will follow in the wake of Kerridge’s Saving Britain’s Pubs​ series on the BBC and aims to discuss some of the themes raised in the programme and also answer industry questions on the current market and way ahead for struggling operators.

Kerridge said: “Now that we’re coming to the end of a tough year it feels like the right time to have an industry discussion about Britain’s pubs and what our future looks like.

“Tuesday (8 December) night at 8pm I’ll be going live on Instagram with Emma McClarkin from the British Beer and Pub Association and Ed Bedington from The Morning Advertiser​, which gives you guys the chance to ask the experts some questions.

“Set a reminder and tune in tomorrow.”

The live feed will give operators their chance to join in the discussion around the challenges facing pubs as well as tackle the difficult topics created by the ongoing pandemic.

Bedington added: “I’m delighted to be joining Tom to be able to provide my thoughts on the current situation, and share the insight we’re gathering from across the trade to help operators navigate this dreadful situation.

“There are no easy answers to any of this, but initiatives like this by Tom and his team are a great way for us to discuss and share potential solutions to the problems the sector faces as it goes through one of the toughest times in history.”

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