4 November 2023

Firms to reduce investment and staffing without rates help

More than half of hospitality businesses will be forced to cut staffing levels and reduce investment without Government intervention on business rates, research has found.
3 November 2023

FEATURE: Get into the spirit of increasing sales at your pub

Cocktail culture and the popularity of classic mixer serves such as the G&T have made spirits one of the most dynamic sections of the on-trade drinks […]
3 November 2023

Drinks sales hit by reduction in ‘big nights out’

Daily drinks sales hit by ânegativeâ trading figures as consumers ârestrictâ big nights out.
3 November 2023

What makes the Cholmondeley Arms the best pub in the country?

The Morning Advertiser caught up with the Cholmondeley Armsâ owner after the pub was crowned the best pub in the country at the Great British Pub […]
3 November 2023

Low and no products becoming ‘ingrained’ in drinking culture

Demand for low and no serves is âmaturingâ and becoming more culturally âingrainedâ as products grow more âin their own rightâ to sit alongside alcohol.
3 November 2023

Sector ‘deeply concerned’ as BoE keeps interest rates at 5.25%

Industry leaders have expressed âdeep concernâ for the future of the sector as interest rates remaining at 5.25% âpiles further pressureâ on hospitality firms.
3 November 2023

Licensing authorities and how they hold the key to saving the hospitality sector

The recent report on the declining number of British licensed premises in 2023 has sparked concern within the hospitality industry and licensed trade
3 November 2023

Pubs fundraise for Palestine

Pubs are putting on events to raise money for Palestinians in the Gaza strip, as Israel continues its assault on the area.
2 November 2023

Carlsberg reports 5.8% revenue rise and cuts ties with Russian brewery

Carlsberg Group has announced a 5.8% global rise in revenue per hectolitre across Europe and the termination of its license agreements with its Russian brewery as […]
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