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26 November 2020
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26 November 2020
The Five Bells Inn
High Street , West Midlands, England LN5 9JZ, United Kingdom
Detailed Information

It was in December 2008 that Adrian Govier celebrated his 25th year as owner of the Five Bells pub in Bassingham. Taking over the pub in 1983 he began to ‘get it as he wanted’. The original 200-year-old inn had not seen many changes but in 1984/1985 Adrian and his wife Jenny renovated and extended the pub and it became a popular pub and restaurant in the area. Sadly Jenny died from cancer in 1995. Adrian and his family continued to build the reputation of the Five Bells. In 1997 Diana, a new chef came to work in the pub and in 2007 Adrian and Diana (Di) married. The Five Bells restaurant is now widely known in and around Lincoln as providing excellent food and drink. During the summer Adrian has been busy undertaking an internal refurbishment of the bar and restaurant areas. Adrian and a grumpy old friend spent 6 weeks working inside the pub and Adrian says he has now got it to how he wanted it. The pub now has five open fireplaces three of which are gas log effect fires. In the old bar an Inglenook fireplace the whole width of the bar has been built. The old black lead grate and cooking range has been moved to opposite the well and the fireplace in the main bar has been rebuilt. All the bricks are over 250 year old Georgian bricks. The well has been opened up and it exposes 15 feet depth of clear water and has now got a top on. All the carpets have been removed and replaced with Victorian floorboards, which were reclaimed from the Mount School, Newark. All the fixed bench seating has been taken out and replaced with settle seats and genuine Victorian farmhouse tables and chairs. The Five Bells has been returned to a Victorian Country Inn.

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