Dog & Gun
26 November 2020
Locomotive Inn
26 November 2020
Bowling Green Inn
164 London Road , London, England CW9 8AA, United Kingdom
Detailed Information

Welcome to the newly refurbished Bowling Green, London Rd.Dean, Josh & the team are going to keep all traditions alive in the new look Bowling Green, as well as bringing new things to Northwich. We will be holding weekly quiz nights with Angie Orme, Open Mic nights with Ian Bowley and an exceptional food and drinks offering.The Chop HouseA Chop House isn’t a restaurant or a pub. It’s a meeting place for the community with much more than just beers to drink. We have exceptional coffee, local real ale and fantastic local produce to cook with. The Chop House is a British institution dating back to the 16th & 17th centuries. Harking back to times when meat was king, portions were hearty and provenance was everything. We serve personalised butchered steaks and chops all cooked on open charcoal grills or spit roasts, alongside daily specials inspired by the best ingredients the British Isles has to offer.

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