The Charles Darwin
26 November 2020
The Miners Arms
26 November 2020
Bricklayers Arms
Copthorne Way , Copthorne, England SY3 8NL, United Kingdom
Detailed Information

Re-opened in February 2018 after a period of closure, a refurbishment and name change back to The Brick. First mentioned in 1780, this former Worthington house has gone under the name of the Bricklayers Arms and the Brick. The original building with its Russian bagatelle board, and stabling for racehorses and greyhounds (the old Shrewsbury racecourse used to be nearby), has long gone and was demolished in the 1930’s and rebuilt. Now part of the recently expanding New Brew empire (a very recent addition to the Shropshire brewing scene, based in nearby Newport. Originally Plan B, now known as New Brew).A renovation in 2016 saw major changes. The long front bar counter has been shortened and rotated, giving more space to the front area plus easier contact with the back bar which has also been smartened up. For those familiar with the old pub, the pool room hasn’t moved, though the alterations have enabled it to increase in size slightly. Change of manager in July 2018.

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