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26 November 2020
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26 November 2020
Platform Tavern
Town Quay , Southampton, England SO14 2NY, United Kingdom
Detailed Information

The story of  The Platform Tavern dates back to 1873 and is of historical interest as it is built against the old town wall built around 1350. The pub name is derived from its proximity to the Quay outside God’s House called the Platform which contained a gun battery.  As with may taverns of the time, ale was brewed onsite for the consumption of dockers and seamen that would frequent. Many of whom would lodge in the rooms upstairs. One such guest was the ill fated Mr James McGrady who was the last victim of the 1912 Titanic disaster to be pulled dead from the sea some 4 weeks after the ship went down. His last known address was Platform Tavern. The pub had a direct view at Titanic, moored up in Dock Berth 44 of the Ocean Dock. It was also featured in the James Cameron Hollywood movie ‘Titanic’

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