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26 November 2020
The Lamberton Arms
26 November 2020
Sunderlands Hotel
Store Street , Greater London, England NE10 9RY, United Kingdom
Detailed Information

In the year 2000 communities on either side of the mighty River Tyne combined to spread the word about Newcastle – Gateshead. Today our dazzling quayside with its concert halls, galleries, bridges and bars is an instantly recognised image across the world. Our unique blend of old and new, top class entertainment, history and city style means we really can deliver the promise of something for everyone. The proximity of Sutherland’s Hotel is on the periphery of this magnificent city and can offer beautifully designed en suite rooms which we know will appeal to the discerning urbanite, someone who really does want to be spoilt and pampered.
A taxi is only 8 minutes into the city centre of Newcastle. We will arrange your taxi at a fixed reduced rate. From central taxis our preferred choice for service and reliability.

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