The Cricketers
26 November 2020
The Unicorn Inn
26 November 2020
The Black Jug
31 North Street , Stewartstown, Northern Ireland RH12 1RJ, United Kingdom
Detailed Information

The first reference we have to the Black Jug is from early Victorian times. The photograph here on the left is from the turn of the century, the pub being the double-gabled building on the right hand side of the road. In the late 1800’s, The Black Jug was renamed The Hurst Arms (right). This was probably due to Robert Hurst MP buying what is now known as Park House, which was adjoining the pub. This was the perfect place to display the Hurst family coat of arms, as was their wont in those times, but the building was burnt down and rebuilt in the 1930’s. We made some major changes, dropping the windows so that people could see in and out, and moving the kitchen from upstairs, downstairs. We also covered part of the rear courtyard to create a sort of conservatory, but the remainder of the courtyard is still open to the sky and makes a good place to sit out on the beautiful sunny day we have during the year. Although the pub does have a car park, it’s so small it’s next to useless, but there’s plenty of parking around and about so it doesn’t seem to matter.

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