The Bell Inn
26 November 2020
The Hemlock Stone and Dragon
26 November 2020
The Commercial Inn
19 Wollaton Road , Nottingham, England NG9 2NG, United Kingdom
Detailed Information

We excel in the great spices and a taste of Himalayas. The food you can get here are from the hands of very experienced chefs. Pamper your taste buds with authentic Indian and Nepalese food. Moreover, we also offer English food for our local customers. We are a local English Pub located at the core of the city. We are focused to provide an extravagant experience to our customers with selections of popular drinks. From local barrels to prevalent international bottles, we aim to provide our customers something that is not easily available around the zone. Not only being an English pub and a restaurant, we also combine quality time with your friends and families with sports. Come and enjoy the food and the drink and never miss the matches! Managed and owned by experts who has 20+ years of experience in restaurant and hospitality business, we are the one where you can relax and watch major games with your family and friends. The kids also enjoy their own meal while you are enjoying your plate. Special food for the special ones!

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