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26 November 2020
The Farm House
26 November 2020
The Duke at Bratton
Melbourne, England BA13 4RW, United Kingdom
Detailed Information

The Duke at Bratton is a traditional country pub that dates back to the 18th Century. Formerly 3 cottages, it was at some unknown date converted into a public house with outside tea rooms and was named The Duke William. The Church apparently owned the Duke William, for how long is unknown, but they then went on to sell it in 1888. One of the many features of this quaint pub is a pair of whale jaw bones which were present at the time of the old tea rooms. These were misplaced for many years but were rediscovered and erected over the garden gate in April 1995. The Duke is situated just outside Westbury in the beautiful countryside village of Bratton. We are a Moles pub and can therefore offer their real ales that are brewed in Melksham. We have extensive beer gardens where families and their dogs are more than welcome. From there you will see one of the villages most unusual features, a pair of giant whale bones over the garden gate. These were once erected at the turn of the century in the Duke\\\’s tea garden and were returned in April 1995! Why not try our menu? Our food is freshly prepared using local produce.

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