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26 November 2020
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26 November 2020
The Freke Arms
Swanborough, England SN6 7RN, United Kingdom
Detailed Information

The pub dates back to the early 1800’s when two local landowners were fighting for farm workers.  Henry Freke was a wealthy landowner who resided in the local village of Hannington.   He instructed The Freke to be built in order to entice workers from the Quaker village of Stanton Fitzwarren. ​Now as Stanton Fitzwarren was a Quaker village, no premises selling beer was allowed. Some of the workers did move to Swanborough.  Whether it was for the pub or for the increase in wages offered by Henry Freke, we will never know.What we do know is that The Freke has been selling beer, on the same site, for nearly 200 years and can claim therefore, to be one of Witshires oldest pubs.  Like many old public houses, it is rumoured that the oldest part of the pub,  seen here, has a resident ghost.​David and Anita Lee have been running The Freke since 2003.  During that time there have been a number of incidences which have caused the hair on the back of Davids neck to stand on end.  Customers have reported some strange incidents whilst dining at the pub, and none stranger than one lady who, standing by the washbasin in the ladies, saw a pair of ladies legs in old blue ankle length boots poking out from under the washbasin. ​David can tell you several stories about his personal ghost experiances at The Freke, and they have happened at various times in the day, so next time you visit The Freke, keep your eyes peeled for anything unusual, or a pair of blue shoes!

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