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26 November 2020
The Old Five Bells
26 November 2020
The Old Five Bells
84 Harborough Road , Kingsthorpe, England NN2 8DH, United Kingdom
Detailed Information

The Old Five Bells situated on the outskirts of
Kingsthorpe Village traces back in local directories to beyond 1830 when
it regularly featured its Tea Gardens and Quoits games within the local
‘Northamptonshire Mercury’.  Quoits was a game that Northamptonshire
was renowned for in the past and this establishment was one of the
last pubs to host this game within the area.In 1993 the pub was
acquired by new owners , McManus Taverns  who re-named the pub the
‘Frog & Fiddler’. Since which time the pub has undergone a many number
of changes but finally the Old Five Bells has returned to
it’s traditional roots as a unrivalled local drinking establishment
serving fabulous food.

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