The Biddick Inn
26 November 2020
Fox Inn
26 November 2020
The Prince Albert
Gloucestershire, England GL5 3SS, United Kingdom
Detailed Information

When Lotte first arrived at The Prince Albert it was not a hospitable place. Regulars still regale with tales of being refused entry for wearing the wrong colour t-shirt, not having the correct change or even for simply requesting ice. Fourteen years later Lotte, Miles and the staff now at The Prince Albert aim to make everyone welcome; whether teenagers looking for somewhere to spend their few pennies, parents passing through for a cup of tea while their off-spring attend music lessons in a local teacher\’s front room to numerous groups meeting at the pub. The Prince Albert aims to serve its community and provide a comfortable space that regulars and new comers alike can feel welcome in. The pub is constantly growing and changing in that respect and is currently expanding the entertainment menu.

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