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26 November 2020
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26 November 2020
The Rosedene
Queen Alexandra Road , Tyne and Wear, England SR2 9BT, United Kingdom
Detailed Information

The Rosedene was once a grand Georgian mansion, originally built as part of a small estate to the east of Tunstall Road known as Cresswell Close in 1830. The house, then known as Cresswell House, was pulled down and re-erected in its new position as an exact duplicate, re-named as Rose-dens House in approximately 1876. Over the years the house has been owned by a Doctor, a Ropemaker and a Solicitor called Robert Thomas Wilkinson who married the daughter of local land and coal owner Stephen Pemberton. It was they who financed the move of the house brick by brick to its present position. The house was then bought and lived in by Walter Horn and his wife. Horn’s wife, Louisa, was still living in the house aged 83 with her son in 1938. The mansion fell into disrepair over the years and after restoration became a Vaux public house in 1964.

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