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The Unicorn Inn
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Market Place , Deddington, Oxfordshire OX15 0SE, United Kingdom
Detailed Information
The magic of the Unicorn, really does lie in the landlord Kris, himself and his family. A local lad, Kris grew up in Middleton Cheney and surrounding villages, and has always had faring in his blood, and indeed in his hands. A member of the young farmers in the area and local rugby team, no one is better to run the local pub.
A farming family, with its heritage and origins anchored deep in agriculture, as the two halves of the family come from Dublin and Cork, and Ipswich and Norwich respectively. They have made their base in and around Bicester, ad Kris has been here for over 30 years. Most of the farming has focused on poultry rearing, but also featuring heavily are a flock of sheep and a herd of cows. There is not much Kris can’t tell you about a beast!
With this rich heritage and rearing himself, Kris has given birth to his Farm to Fork concept, as all the food served (or as much as physically possible) is grown, sourced or reared within the local community, and ‘food miles’ is at a minimum.
All the sausages and burgers are made in house (As well as being gluten free, and the highest meat content and quality), and all the potatoes are grown on his family farm in order to use in the pub! Preferring Dexter beef as it is fully grass reared and finished. It is a beautiful example of beef, and needs to be slow grown, in order to develop all the flavour. Kris’ herd are raised for 30 months at least, and grown in a Mob Grazing Routine, letting nature do its thing
Where Kris can’t grow or produce his own, his whole mantra is to source as locally as possible. For instance, his asparagus and rhubarb, are grown just over the back wall at The Old Manor House. This is not just to offer the best and freshest ingredients, but in a bid to support the local community and make the farming locally more sustainable, as if we don’t support small farms, we will lose them!!
If we spend money in our local community, it is recycled through out the villages and constantly put back into the local area, improving the economy and the quality. So by supporting Farm to Fork at the Unicorn, you are supporting the whole of Deddington and the surrounding villages, in a sustainable cycle that looks set to continue.
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