26 November 2020
26 November 2020
White Horse
Chester Road , Churton, England CH3 6LA, United Kingdom
Detailed Information

The White Horse as it stands now is around 106 years old, having been built in 1902. This was however a replacement for the original White Horse which was demolished in 1900. There is some controversy as to the reason for the demise of the original White Horse; there seem to be two schools of thought, some villagers saying that it was destroyed by fire, but others suggesting it was demolished for other reasons, we still have not been able to confirm this. It was very common for thatched roofs to catch fire in those days, as the Greyhound Pub in Farndon (a neighbouring village) discovered on the 12th January 1905, when the pub was completely destroyed due to a roof fire. The roof of the Red Lion (a pub in Churton that has now ceased trading) also perished due to fire. As you can see in the photographs below, the difference in the two versions of the White Horse is vast. Even the location of the building has been changed, being moved back from the road, presumably to allow for the richer families\\\’ horse and traps, as the first cars do not seem to have got to Churton until around 1910. The White Horse has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Chef proprietor Jamie Williams specialises in using only the finest local ingredients to create classic yet contemporary dishes to suit every palate. Situated in the picturesque village of Churton on the B5130 between Chester and Farndon, The White Horse is a traditional, family run, village pub. It has a 40-seated restaurant as well as a large bar and also offers outside seating in the garden during the summer months. The serving of alcohol in this particular premise has a wide variety of wines, beers and spirits for everybody to enjoy. A smoking shelter to both the rear and front of the building allows for keeping dry during the wet winter months. A small function is available to accommodate up to 22 guests at any one time.

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