The White Horse Inn
26 November 2020
The Bootlegger
26 November 2020
White Tavern
198 Stamford Hill , Greater London, England BT1 1QN, United Kingdom
Detailed Information

There is a lot of talk about when White’s actually first established. Previous owners have claimed its the 1600s, others say its the 1800s.  So, we did a bit of researching… and here’s what we found… The first tavern license in Belfast was granted in 1630, to the building of Whites Tavern. From the 1600s through to the 1700s, the building became tavern, hotel and later, the entire alleyway housed many Wine and Spirit Merchants giving it its name Winecellar Entry. It wasn’t until 1852, the building was purchased by a Mr James Neil and Mr. Hugh White which again became a wine and spirit store. There is historical evidence that suggests the tavern license actually originated elsewhere and was later transferred to its current site.​After James Neil left the partnership, Mr. Hugh White changed the name to Hugh White & Co until his heath in 1882. However, his name continued to be synonymous with the building through the next century. 

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