Estimated 2,500 pubs lost in 2020
9 December 2020
Just 42% of Scotland’s pubs and bars able to open
9 December 2020

Teaming up with the MA’s editor Ed Bedington, and the British Beer & Pub Association’s ceo Emma McClarkin, Kerridge used the live broadcast on Instagram to host a discussion about the challenges the sector faced and field questions from the audience.

The wide-ranging discussion covered everything from the current tiered restrictions on pubs, the lack of support the sector was receiving through to the models the pub companies were using and whether there was need for reform.

The aim of the event was to pick up on some of the themes explored in the recent BBC programme Saving Britain’s Pubs, and offer some help and insight to operators struggling under the current market conditions.

Bedington said: “Hopefully we addressed some of the issues that people are facing, but there is no simple solution for anyone in this crisis. We have to struggle to adapt to a constantly shifting landscape that is out of our control.

“However, pubs have shown consistently that they are resilient and adaptable, and with programmes and events like the one organised by Tom, hopefully we can all work together to find a way through these very challenging times.”

To watch the event see above, or click here​:

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