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11 December 2020
Almost three quarters of Brits believe hospitality has been harshly treated amid pandemic
11 December 2020

Smirnoff’s Passion Fruit and Espresso Martini cocktails

Smirnoff Passion Fruit Martini Cocktail

A mouth-watering combination of exotic fruit, smooth French vanilla and soft marshmallow. Served with a delightful creamy top.

12.5% ABV

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Smirnoff Espresso Martini Cocktail

Rich and smooth, this sumptuous sipper mixes dark roast coffee and velvety notes of cocoa and maple. Served with a luscious crema.

12.5% ABV

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The cocktails come in popular flavours and are delivered in a 10L bag in box (each box serves 80x125ml glasses, 12.5% ABV) and has a shelf life of 3-4 weeks when breached or one year unopened.

Cocktails are in fact fast becoming open to a wide range of moments from sociable get togethers, slower tempo bonding, casual date nights, a treat moment or even simply at a regular food and drink occasion1​.

Cocktails are worth £624m in GB (+6.4% YoY) and are stocked in 43.500 outlets (+3.7% YoY)2​, meaning there is a wealth of opportunity for publicans to not only unlock sales, but also enhance the customer experience.

There are very healthy margins to be made in cocktails, and consumers are willing to pay a premium for something that feels elevated. 

  • For more info please contact your Diageo account manager, or to request an install please call the Diageo QCT on 08457 515101 or email qenhtugpbpxgnvyf@qvntrb.pbz

In recent months, many outlets have experienced a significant drop in footfall due to Government restrictions.Cocktails not only provide an opportunity to tap into consumer trends, but also maximise the profitability opportunity of every visit.

As and when consumers choose to venture to a pub or bar, it is highly likely that they will seek out drinks and serves that they haven’t been able to recreate at home. So if operators are able to get the quality, service and choices correct, they will unlock a fantastic profit opportunity. 

Consumers will also arguably be looking to support their local over the coming months, and as consumer expectations continue to increase, a cocktail option is no doubt something they will expect from their local pub or bar.

Draught cocktail technology is one way that pubs and bars can make the most of this opportunity. The technology means venues will be able to deliver customers with high-quality cocktails, but also at speed. In fact, Diageo’s draught cocktail system celebrates the nation’s favourite cocktails by delivering high quality serves in under 10 seconds. 

There is a lot of craft that goes into creating great tasting and high-quality cocktails, and we at Diageo have spent a lot of time perfecting the right methods and working with partners who understand the importance of this. In fact, 84% of consumers who have ordered draught cocktails are likely to order again​demonstrating both their popularity, and the quality and value of the serves. 

Research has also shown us that our draught cocktails look, taste and feel like a traditional handmade cocktail4​. For us, the outcome should always be premium drinks made with simplicity, presented well with beautiful glassware and garnishes.

Time, efficiency and the profitability of the bottom line has always been central to the operations of any business, but these factors will be more vital than ever as we move into the year ahead. 

  • For more info please contact your Diageo account manager, or to request an install please call the Diageo QCT on 08457 515101 or email qenhtugpbpxgnvyf@qvntrb.pbz​.
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