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17 December 2020
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18 December 2020

Seven Bro7hers launches vegan brews

Salford-based brewer Seven Bro7hers has unveiled a pair of new vegan pours, “celebration IPA” Bubble House and vegan milkshake IPA Don’t Milk It, as part of its Lockdown 2.0 series. 

Brut IPA Bubble House is described as “the perfect way to celebrate your bubble”, with a combination of hobs bringing out flavours of white grape and tropical fruit in a 5.6% ABV serve.

“Everything about this beer tastes like letting your hair down and having fun in your bubble – we really wanted to finish the year with a celebration pint,” CEO Keith McAvoy from Seven Bro7hers Brewing Co said.

Additionally, brand-new, limited edition, vegan milkshake IPA Don’t Milk It is full-bodied and sweet, with a touch of vanilla that aims to give the 5.7% ABV beer a pop of flavour reminiscent of milkshakes.

“Following the popularity of our sweeter beers, such as the Marshmallow Stout, we are often asked for a vegan equivalent – something that offers a milky flavour without dairy,” McAvoy said. “For anyone looking to take on Veganuary at the start of 2021, this could be the perfect pint.”

Seven Bro7hers

Boss Brewing unveils ‘protest beer’ 

Award-winning, Swansea-based beer maker Boss Brewing has released a protest beer aimed at the recent restrictions crippling the hospitality industry in Wales.  

Named after Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford, 4.2% ABV Dripford’s Prohibition protest pour is described as a “death of the pubs pale ale”, which is “inspired by short-sighted decisions and industry scapegoating”.  

The label features a grim reaper character and takes an unveiled swipe at Wales’ First Minister.  

Current restrictions mean that Welsh pubs, restaurants and cafes are banned from serving alcohol and are unable to open to customers beyond 6pm. 

Launching the new brew, Boss Brewing’s director Sarah John, said that Dripford’s Probition was born out of a frustration that the hospitality industry is “constantly being victimised despite little evidence”.  

“No one is denying that this virus is a very real threat – four of my closest family members have tested positive,” she added. “The point we are making is that the hospitality sector is being made the scapegoat, and this has got to stop.  

“Pubs and bars which follow the guidelines shouldn’t have transmissions – we haven’t had any outbreaks at our taproom.  

“Instead, the Welsh Government is resigning many pubs to closure with little consideration of how these measures are affecting their livelihoods and ability to put food on the table.  

“This is not to mention suppliers to the pub industry and how they are suffering – breweries, food service and so on.”


Gibson’s Goodology releases CBD trio

Cannabidiol (CBD) infused drinks maker Gibson’s Goodology has released a trio of new infused teas created from five ethically sourced ingredients; tea, fruit, lemon juice, agave and 25mg pure CBD-isolate.

The drinksmaker’s Green Tea and Passion Fruit pour is blends green tea with tropical passion fruit and notes of pineapple, strawberry and rose, while its Jasmine Tea and Rhubarb serve combines floral jasmine with a gentle rhubarb finish.

Finally its Shiso Tea and Blueberry beverage is described as featuring “grassy, nutty and zesty shiso with a clear blueberry finish”.

Each recipe has been expertly created by award-winning, London-based mixologist Oskar Kinberg and tea expert Stefan Gieschke.


New look for Crabbie’s Yardhead 

Halewood Artisanal Spirits has unveiled a new look for its award-winning Yardhead Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Launched in 2018, Crabbie’s Yardhead is a non-age declared single malt whisky distilled in the Scottish Highlands and matured exclusively in ex-bourbon casks. It boasts biscuit, vanilla, citrus, sweet apple, caramel and toffee notes.

The spirit was awarded Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards in both 2020 and 2019.

“John Crabbie was a true innovator,” Andy Wallace, global marketing manager for whisky at Halewood Artisanal Spirits said. “Not only was he one of the first to blend whisky to improve quality and consistency; he was also the creator of one of the first whisky cocktails with the Whisky Mac. 

“Since re-establishing the Crabbie brand in 2018, we’ve wanted to keep his innovative spirit alive, and continue to do things a little differently. The creation of Yardhead – a single malt whisky designed for mixing – is very much testament to this. 

“As we continue to invest in the Crabbie brand, we wanted to create a new, bespoke bottle for Yardhead that pays homage to its unique heritage. The new proposition ultimately provides our customers with a standout proposition which appeals both to established whisky drinkers, and those who are new to the category”. 


Kiss of Wine launches eight single-varietal canned wines

Canned wine brand Kiss of Wine has launched a 100% vegan range of eight single-varietal canned wines from small-batch independent winemakers, including two Italian reds from the renowned Piedmont region.

The drinksmaker has handpicked a stellar line-up of European winemakers including a winemaker whose family’s vineyard has supplied wines to Europe’s Michelin-starred restaurants and another who trained in the prestigious Sancerre region.

“Kiss of Wine has been designed for the modern day drinkers who want a good glass of wine without committing to a bottle,” Kiss of Wine founder, Jennifer Browarczyk said. “It is perfect for couples with different tastes, singles, parties or alfresco adventures.

“When we first had this idea, people thought we were crazy. But we have partnered with talented, small-batch winemakers who have helped us make our vision of great wines in small formats a reality. Nobody should need to open a whole bottle to enjoy one glass of something delicious.

“We’re really excited by some of the wines that we have sourced for the launch collection,” she continued. “These are wines that the locals usually keep to themselves and include a 2016 Nebbiolo and a Riesling made with grapes from 70-year-old vines. We hope customers will enjoy drinking the wines as much as we enjoyed discovering them”.


New bottle design and recipe for Unicorn Tears Gin 

Unicorn Tears Gin has relaunched its Classic and Raspberry Pink pours in time for Christmas featuring new recipes and bottle designs.

No longer a liqueur, but a bittersweet 37.5% ABV vegan-friendly premium gin, the spirit boasts botanicals including juniper berries, mandarin, almond, raspberry, coriander and pepper, plus exotic horned melon, Buddha’s hand and star fruit.

“We were overwhelmed by the popularity of the original Unicorn Tears range when it launched in 2015,” Kristian Bromley, managing director of and Mythical Spirits said. “The originality of our concept and the Instagrammability of the tasty, shimmering liquid prompted a massive trend in gin liqueurs and shimmering spirits which has rippled through the industry and dominated supermarket shelves and drinks cabinets across the world.

“We didn’t mean to start a trend and we’re sorry about some of the copycats who followed us. Who took ‘inspiration’ from what we created but ruined it by just lazily slapping a unicorn on the bottle, adding some sickly bubblegum flavour and halving the alcohol content. They just don’t get it. Only we have the unicorn’s tears. 

“Five years after it all started, we’re back to offer something new and unique again. We’ve improved our emotion harvesting techniques during the sadness of 2020 and we can’t wait to offer our customers’ drinks cabinets something fun, unusual and delicious this festive season. 

“As well as working with our fantastic retail partners across the UK next year, we’re all set for global expansion in 2021, with plans to bring Unicorn Tears Gin to Europe, the Far East and the US.”


Sir Geoff Hurst launches limited-edition gin and whisky collection 

World Cup winner Sir Geoff Hurst has launched his own drinks collection called the ‘Spirit of 66’ – with a portion of the sales to be donated in support of Alzheimer and dementia charities.

England’s hat-trick hero in the 4-2 victory over West Germany in the 1966 World Cup Final, Hurst has launched a London dry gin and a single malt whisky, with a run of just 1,966 bottles of each spirit produced.

What’s more, each iconic label picturing Hurst in England kit has been personally signed.

“I have named the drinks the ‘Spirit of 66’ to reflect the fantastic team spirit we had in that England team that won the World Cup almost 55 years ago,” Hurst said. “These two spirits are also very high quality just like we had in that team. You can tell a lot of love and effort has gone into producing these spirits, which are both very collectable and drinkable.”

Hurst is just one of four England players who played in the Wembley final still alive. This year, he lost two of his former teammates – Jack Charlton and Nobby Stiles – while fellow team-mate Sir Bobby Charlton has been diagnosed with dementia, an illness affecting many former players.

Consequently, he is supporting the Sport United Against Dementia campaign organised by the Alzheimer’s Society.

“In view of the sad problems many of my teammates that are no longer with us have encountered in the past we have decided to help the Alzheimer’s Society with a donation from the profits made in this venture,” he added.

“We have been supporting Alzheimer’s for quite a while and we feel it’s a great cause in keeping with the Spirit of 66.”

Geoff Hurst

Mondo Brewing Company releases Galileo Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

South-west London based Mondo Brewing Company has released limited-edition Galileo Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, brewed in collaboration with California-based Heretic Brewing.

The 10% ABV pour was first brewed in early 2019 with an old friend of Mondo’s founders, Jamil at Heretic Brewery, before being aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels for 18 months and conditioned on cacao nibs. 

Mondo’s co-founder and head brewer Thomas Palmer said: “Jamil has been a friend of the brewery for close to five years. 

“We’d made three different beers together up to this point and barrel-aging a unique stout was a logical conclusion for a fourth. He recommended over-aging to 18 months in barrel and blending back with a clean version of the same beer, to achieve a unique flavour profile unattainable by just aging. This beer will just get better and better.”


TV presenter Julia Bradbury launches countryside ramble inspired gin 

Television presenter Julia Bradbury and her sister Gina have created a new taste experience for gin lovers inspired by their local Derbyshire countryside.  

The Outdoor Guide Gin is a collaboration between Julia and Gina’s The Outdoor Guide website and Derbyshire Distillery, combining their respective love of the area and great outdoors to create a serve with flower, fruit and herb botanicals.

Derbyshire Distillery was started in 2018, with a focus on beautifully crafted gins and local ingredients made in state-of-the-art Kothe and Genio stills. Alongside Julia and Gina they have created a new serve with a blend of traditional juniper, blackberry, raspberry, heather and lavender with hints of nettles and mint, all inspired by the Peak District. 

“I have many fond memories of walks with my dad and would love people to enjoy this drink as a celebration at the top of a mountain or after a long walk when you’re feeling euphoric and get back to your bed for the night.” Julia said. 


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