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30 November 2020
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30 November 2020

Most of England has been placed into the second tier of coronavirus measures, where pubs are only allowed to open if they serve a “substantial meal” with alcohol from Wednesday 2 December

However, operators have said they are worried they will be punished if they unknowingly misinterpret the rules.

It comes as there has been much discussion over what counts as a “substantial meal”.

The Government’s Covid Winter Plan states pubs must serve “a full breakfast, main lunch time or evening meal”.

However, Environment Secretary George Justice told LBC a Scotch egg “probably would” meet this definition, adding fuel to operators’ confusion on what is allowed.

When asked by Sky News about this statement, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson said: “Bar snacks do not count as a substantial meal.” 

Very unsure

Licensee Laura Totten said: “We are still very unsure about the detail behind the headline regulations.

“A ‘substantial meal’ has been defined and redefined so many times in the last week, with ministers now throwing Scotch eggs into the mix.”

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