Star licensees urge Government action to save ‘thousands of wet led pubs’
1 December 2020
MPs call for Government to ‘save pubs before it’s too late’
1 December 2020

Lockdown laws will expire on Wednesday 2 December, with most of England under tier two rules. Some 20,813 pubs will be under these measures according to real estate adviser Altus Group.

Pubs will be allowed to reopen but only if they can serve a “substantial meal” with alcoholic drinks, leaving some operators with no choice but to remain closed.

Sam Smith runs the Maypole Inn in Yapton, West Sussex, which mostly caters to drinkers and does not have any facilities to serve food.

“We spent a fortune and completely over hauled and redecorated the pub in the first lockdown so it was a clean, fresh pub inside. We muddled through until this second lockdown and prayed to be in tier one but no, we [must] remain closed.”

Smith feels frustrated by the emphasis on alcohol in the tiered system. “Everything can open from stadiums to coffee shops to antique shops but just to have one pint, your favourite pub now has to become a restaurant!”

Although the rules stipulate a business could team up with an external food vendor, Smith says this would be too risky as his customers have never wanted food before.

He fears the future of wet-led pubs like his and has decided he will probably not open until the new year, when restrictions are hopefully eased.

Going forever

“It’s not fair on our customers or us as owners,” the operator said. “We don’t want to force our customers to eat, just to continue what they did pre-lockdown. It’s a social drinkers’ pub where everyone knows everyone and they look after each other and look after the pub.”

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