Pubs in London, Essex and Hertfordshire to close
14 December 2020
Closing hospitality venues an ‘illogical tactic’
14 December 2020

Darren Peachy, who’s a director of the Venture Pub Company has launched the PubWars operation to give pub customers the chance to play a wide range of interactive games in pubs and also enter inter-pub competitions.

The first 1,500 pubs signing up for the initiative will gain from receiving free wifi from Sky for three years, offering a saving of up to £1,800, and two free interactive screens to allow them to run real time games in their pubs.

Peachy said: “PubWars is an application for customers’ phones that will allow them to play all sorts of interactive games at your pubs. The first application coming to the pubs is an interactive quiz that your customers will play through their phones in your pub. The publican has a choice of doing the quiz in their pub only or they can enter “inter-pub” competitions where multiple teams from multiple pubs all battle it out for the prizes on offer.”

He said the app would also help to encourage repeat visits to venues, and will enable operators to send information on upcoming pub events to customers’ phones.

He has been trialling the system in his own pub company so far to great success, and said the whole point of the concept was to provide a central entertainment resource for pub operators, taking the hassle away from organising events.

“All publicans need to make sure they do is turn the screens on!” 

He said there were further plans to add to the offer by introducing bingo nights, fantasy football leagues and other popular pub games.

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