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11 December 2020
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11 December 2020

Beavertown relaunches Tempus Project with pair of seasonal pours

Beavertown Brewery has renewed its Tempus Barrel project with a pair of new seasonal beers – the Chariot and he Rule of Three – pouring from 8 December. 

The two new brews are the first of four regular offerings that will be created throughout the year, with a further 8 planned, seasonal releases in the pipeline.

The Chariot is a 5.6% Pilsner that boasts a bitter yet complex flavour according to Beavertown thanks to its 3-9 month maturing process. 

The Rule of Three, a 5.8% mixed fermentation Saison, channels more floral elements according to its creator. It is a blend created from multiple barrels, each fermented using Beavertown’s constantly evolving house culture, offering hints of orchard fruit and sourdough. 

“Tempus has been a passion project for us for a while, we’re relaunching it alongside two new tantalising beers to reach a different audience of people who are conscious about the planet and how their drinks and food is sourced,” Beavertown CEO and founder Logan Plant explains.  

“We’re hoping when each beer is sipped that people take their time with drinking it, carefully pairing it with their food.  

“For us, this experience is about digging a little bit deeper into what the drinking experience can be.”


In the Welsh Wind unveils Eccentric Collection 

Based five miles north of Cardigan on the West Wales coast since 2018, spirits maker In the Welsh Wind has launched the three final three offerings of the seven pours in its Eccentric Collection.

Its latest pours include 46% ABV Young Tom; a distilled gin boasting sweet, floral and malty flavours, 40% ABV Dewi Sant gin; a sea spray inspired, coastal infusion of aromatic rich herbs, fennel and spritzy citrus, and Black Batch Rum; a 40% ABV pour lightly spiced with orange, cinnamon and cloves.


Aluna Coconut launches Coffee Liqueur 

Award-winning flavoured rum, Aluna Coconut has unveiled 25% ABV Aluna Coconut Coffee Liqueur – a blend of its signature coconut rum with 100% Arabica cold brew coffee, cacao nibs and subtle black cardamom. 

“We are delighted to finally share our new coffee liqueur,” Aluna’s co-founder, Heather Graham, said. “We wanted to create a premium product that was true to our ethos, with all-natural ingredients and a more mindful approach to sugar, suited to the modern drinker.

“The idea was sparked after we noticed that certain darker, richer flavours partnered with our rum’s notes of toasted coconut perfectly – particularly coffee and chocolate. Aluna Coconut Rum is great in summer drinks and all kinds of classic serves but this allowed us to branch out and explore a new angle.  

“Given Aluna is named after the Moon, we soon started calling it our Dark Side project.  Black cardamom provides a subtle counterpoint to the richer flavours in the blend and the result is a more complex coffee liqueur that is surprisingly versatile and incredibly moreish.”


Nine Elms No.18 revealed 

A new entrant to the low and no alcohol market, Nine Elms No.18 combines types of dark berry and 20 different botanical extracts.

Ideal for pairing with a variety of savoury dishes, according to its creators, Nine Elms No.18 is designed to be either drunk like wine or mixed into a range of cocktails.

Nine Elms

Sharpham Wine launches first pour from new Sandridge Barton winery 

To mark the end of harvest and its recent relocation to new headquarters at the Sandridge Barton Estate in South Devon, Sharpham Wine has created a Sharpham New Release.

Duncan Schwab, chief executive officer of Sharpham Wine, said: “Although 2020 has been a difficult year for many businesses, we’ve experienced an ideal long and sunny growing season, perfectly timed rain showers and a hot finish in September.  

“This has resulted in a high-quality New Release 2020 wine, that showcases peachy aromas with that classic hint of banana. A dry but very fruity style with a mouth-watering acidity and gentle spritz.

“We’re thrilled to launch our first wine from our new premises, on the other side of the River Dart,” he continued. “With the new investment here at Sandridge Barton, we are now in a position to go forward and put exceptional British wines on the world map. We have the perfect vineyards; a new state-of-the-art winery and we have climate change bringing us warmer conditions. 

“All these things are coming together to give us an incredibly exciting future.”


Signature Brew unveils commemorative brew 

Signature Brew is commemorating 2020 with 10% ABV imperial stout, Anthology – an annual time capsule of everything the brewery has achieved in the past 12 months.

The artwork features photos from Signature Brew’s year in beer and music including head brewer Tom Unwin brewing and singer-songwriter Rob Lynch during one of his lockdown gigs at the brewery. 

“from hosting 35 sold out shows, to brewing 23 new beers with the likes of Sports Team, The Darkness, Dynamite MC & DRS, we are incredibly proud of how we pulled together as a team to bring beer, music & Pub in A Box to the people,” Signature Brew co-founder Sam McGregor said.

“Along the way, we also helped musicians, hospitality workers and the NHS. If 2020 has proved anything, it’s that the things we love are worth fighting for. 

“Although we don’t know what next year will bring, we know we’re ready for it. Long live beer & music.”


Fever-Tree creates Rhubarb & Raspberry Tonic Water 

Mixer brand Fever-Tree has added new Rhubarb & Raspberry Tonic Water to its award-winning range.

Combining tart ‘Timperley Early’ rhubarb, hand-harvested from a family run Norfolk farm with raspberries from Scotland’s Strathmore valley, Fever-Tree’s latest addition is created with naturally sourced ingredients and no artificial sweeteners.  

Rose Cottingham, Fever-Tree’s head of innovation, commented: “Our new refreshingly light sweet Rhubarb & Raspberry Tonic Water is a unique combination of quintessential British flavours.  

“Using ingredients sourced right here in the UK, we’ve created a sweeter flavour profile that will appeal to a broad range of consumers. 

“We are seeing more and more consumers willing to experiment with mixing drinks at home, using the spirit of their choice and one of our mixers, and in doing so realise how easy it is to make a delicious simple long mixed drink.  

“Our Rhubarb and Raspberry Tonic is another great flavour combination for consumers to find their perfect paring for and we look forward to hearing how people are mixing theirs.”


Kingstone Press launches low alcohol cider 

Kingstone Press has launched a new low alcohol (0.5% ABV) variant of its original apple cider using the same blend of apples harvested from across Worcestershire and Herefordshire and used in its 4.7% ABV pour. 

“There’s growing popularity among customers for low alcohol options of favourite drinks, so we’ve spent time developing the low alcohol version of Kingstone Press to ensure the taste matches perfectly to the alcoholic cider,” Katie Walker, brand manager for Kingstone Press, said.   

“Whether a customer is looking to upgrade from a soft drink or simply reducing their alcohol intake, they can now do so while still enjoying the great, refreshing taste and drink experience of Kingstone Press.”


Boë Gin enters RTD market with low calorie gin and lemonade cans 

Boë Gin has released a pair of pre-mixed 5.5% ABV gin and lemonade cans – Boë Violet with Rose Lemonade and Boë Passionfruit with Sicilian Lemonade, boasting less than 80 calories apiece.

Carlo Valente, director at Boë Gin said: “We’ve worked hard to ensure that our new cans are not just low on calories, but also bursting with flavour. They are a stand-out addition to the RTD market, and also look great on shelf too.”  

“We know that a lot of customers already enjoy our gin with lemonade.” Andrew added. “So these cans are enticing combination and the perfect accompaniment to any home bar this Christmas.”


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